Xomega.Net now supports SPA for VS 2012 - 2015

We're happy to announce a new set of releases of our Model Driven Development and code generation platform Xomega.Net for Visual Studio 2012 - 2015.

The major feature of these releases is full end-to-end support for rapid prototyping and development of Single Page HTML5 Applications (SPA) using the latest Microsoft technologies such as TypeScript and Web API as well as some of the best open source JavaScript frameworks like Knockout, Durandal and JQuery, all of that supercharged by
our own open source XomegaJS framework and by generation of all application layers with built-in Xomega generators.

The new release comes with a preconfigured solution template for a professional Xomega SPA project that automatically installs all dependent packages and sets up all the projects to follow best practices in architecture and code organization.

Using familiar steps for developing Xomega ASP.NET, WPF or Silverlight applications to import the model from the database and enhance it with your custom service model, you will be able to quickly generate powerful search forms in your SPA that also allow bookmarking saved searches, as well as full featured details views with full CRUD support.

Your service layer will be exposed as REST services via WebAPI, which you can leverage with your other web clients including mobile apps.

Another cool feature in this release is a generic MS Word document generator from SQLXML, which allows you to turn your Xomega project into a powerful generic reporting engine.

In addition to supporting single page applications and generic reporting the new release implements a number of enhancements and bug fixes that will make your development even more effortless, such as automatically reloading projects and running auxiliary generators like EDM .tt templates. For the full list of enhancements and bug fixes please view the release notes on our web site.

Download the new version today and take development of your modern HTML5 applications to the next level with Xomega.Net. As always, feel free to go ahead and contact us with any questions or issues, or browse our forums, tutorials and how-to guides.


Kevin Russell said...

The best this product would do in VS 2013 is throw error after error after error. I followed your tutorials and was hit with every kind of bug there is. One day this may be a viable product but not today.

Xomega said...

Thank you for your feedback, and sorry to hear that you are getting a lot of errors. We understand your frustration after receiving multiple errors, and we would be happy to help you with any errors or questions that you may have. Whether the issues are with your specific configuration, outdated or incorrect text in the tutorials, or in the product itself, we would be glad to help you resolve them to make it work for you.

Please send us any questions or issues via email, so that we could look into them. Once we help you resolve these issues, you will have a great working tool that can help you build quality applications at a fraction of time, and will possibly help us improve the product as well.

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